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Only available in LATAM & Caribbean | Details apply

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Meet the new Trophypan Smart 3D, a versatile system that blends award-winning 2D imaging with the abilities of 3D to place both technologies within your reach. Now you can cost-effectively perform the essential first step in 2D panoramic, investigate in depth with powerful 3D imaging, or effortlessly obtain digital 3D models. This system offers your practice four main benefits: the versatility of a multifunctional system with the potential to expand your services; the convenience of seamless exams for both dentists and patients with complexity removed; the high image precision you require to meet all dental needs for an accurate diagnoses; and great accessibility in terms of affordability, sharing an ease of integration.

Complementary Technology

  • Cover most daily imaging needs, best image quality for your investment
  • 2D mode for traditional panoramic exams, 3D for more advanced applications
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive imaging software
  • CAD/CAM applications

CBCT Technology

  • Use of this technology significantly reduces radiation dose. Increase safety
  • Four selectable fields of view and fast scanning mode confine radiation to area of interest and reduce length of exposure
  • Ultra-high resolution at 75 microns ensure extreme detail for accurate diagnoses

Technical Specifications

Tube Voltage 60 - 90 kV
Tube Current 2 - 15 mA
Frequency 140 kHz
Tube Focal Spot 0.7 mm (IEC 60336)
Sensor Technology CMOS
Gray Scale 16384 - 14 bits
Weight 92 kgs (202 lbs)
Panoramic Modality
Magnification 1.2 (10% aprox)
Radiological Exam Options Full panoramic, segmented panoramic, maxillary sinus, LA TMJ x 2, LA TMJ x 4, segmented bitewing
Exposure Time 1.98 to 14 seconds
3D Modality
Field of View Diameter x Height (cm) 4 x 4 | 5 x 5 | 8 x 5 | 8 x 8 | 8 x 9 (not available in Canada)
Voxel Size (microns) 75 microns minimum
Exposure Time 7 to 15 seconds