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OWANDY RX® Intraoral X-Ray

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The OWANDY RX® new generation: more intuitive in use, large LCD screen for optimum display and a wireless trigger option.


Equipped with High Frecuency technology and a 0.4 mm focal spot, the OWANDY RX® ensures consistent expsure parameters and high quality X-Ray emissions. Microprocessor control of the timer guarantees exposure times are accurate to 1/100th of a second. HF technology ensures patient safety by a significant reduction in X-Ray doses and elimination of harmful soft X-Rays. Both exposure time and delivered dose are clearly displayed on the screen. The OWANDY RX® is compatible with the various types of sensors on the market (films, digital, sensors, imaging plate systems).


Designed to withstand all sorts of stress, the OWANDY RX® arm is well-balanced, maneuverable, flexible and robust. It's equipped with a stabilizing system: there are no unwanted movements or vibrations, providing a truly comfortable experience for both the practitioner and the patient. Furthermore, the OWANDY RX has built-in automatic exposure time compensation in the event any power fluctuations.

Ergonomic Design

The OWANDY RX is user-friendly and easy to handle due to its ergonomic design. Modern and compact, the OWANDY RX will enhance your surgery and integrate harmoniously. The handle on the generator enables the generator head to be positioned effortlessly.

Intuitive and User- Friendly

The OWANDY RX® is a user-friendly tool for the entire health care team. Operating the timer is spontaneous and requires no training. Controls are simple: only 3 very intuitive buttons are required for all settings. The first defines the type of tooth selected, the second calibrates the X-Ray dosage according to the patient's build and the third selects the sensor (film or digital). Equipped with a 3.7" LCD screen, the OWANDY RX® has a simple and intuitive user interface. The display may be personalised according to the language used. In response to energy saving concerns, the generator has an integrated Sleep mode function in case of prolonged inactivity. The OWANDY RX® generator is equipped with a manual remote trigger or timer ensuring the prectitioner's safety whilst performing the examination. X-Ray emissions are controlled safely and remotely with the wireless trigger option and no more cables obstruct the work top allowing you to move freely. 

Easy Installation

Re-thinking the installation of a radiology system led to the OWANDY RX®, designed for ease. The OWANDY-RX is easy to install, whatever the layout of your surgery. Three arm lengths (short, standard and long) guarantee the best fur to your workstation. The wall fitting is compatible with the bore holes of the most popular models (universal mounting plate). Installation is greatly simplified with the wireless option - no more need to worry about cables!

Technical Specifications:

Standards Class 1 Type B (EN 60601-1)
Power Supply 110/220V to 50/60 Hz
HF Generator Variable Potential og 60, 65 or 70 kV, 6mA
Focal Spot Size 0.4 mm (IEC 336)
Exposure Time  from 0.01s to 2.00s (in 36 steps)
LCD Screen 84 x 45 mm
Microprocessor-controlled timer

Tooth type setting

Patient anatomy setting

Pre-programmed exposure time tables

D,E and F films

Digital systems: CCD and CMOS sensors, imaging plates

Configurable times

Focal Spot to Skin Distance 20 cm
Circular Collimator 55 mm diameter
Extension arm 30,60 and 80 cm

Remote timer (cable up to 20m)

Mobile cart

Wireless trigger kit

Long cone

Rectangular collimator: 35 x 45 mm, 25 x 35 mm, 20 x 30 mm